We Offer Service for

Ship Control Systems

Engine Room Control Devices

Machinery Control System

Transmitter Controller and Control valves

Tank Instruments and Gauging Systems

Oil Discharge Monitoring System Gauges, Indicators and Tachometer

Main & Aux Engine / Boiler Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System. Instrument Pipe Line and Cable Laying & Heat Tracing

Temperature and Pressure Calibrators / Switches Inert Gas System Inert Gas Generator and 02 Analyzer*

All Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical Devices and Equipment e.g. relief valves, safety valves, etc * Generator And Switchboard Control * Boiler ACC & Feedwater Control System

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System * Viscosity measurement and Control System

Navigational Systems

Communication System and Test Equipment

Magnetic Compass & Gyro System

Fire and Gas Detection Systems

Alarm Monitoring System

Cargo Hold & Pump Room Bilge Alarm Monitoring System

Cargo, Ballast & Fuel Oil Tank Level Monitoring & Alarm System

Authorize service centre to service and repair TRO ANALYZER (CLX, CLX-XT and CLX-EX)


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