We strive to offer hassle-free, direct-applicable advise to our customers to assist them in troubleshooting and commissioning.

Our engineering capabilities are backed by a team of skilled engineers and technicians. With vast years of experience specialising in:

• Ship Control Systems
• Engine Room Control Devices
• Machinery Control System
• Navigational Systems
• Transmitter Controller and Control valves
• Tank Instruments and Gauging Systems
• Oil Discharge Monitoring System
• Fire and Gas Detection & Protection Systems
• Gauges, Indicators and Tachometer
• Main & Aux Engine/Boiler
• Cargo Hold & Pump Room Bilge Alarm Monitoring System
• Cargo, Ballast & Fuel Oil Tank Level Monitoring & Alarm System
• Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System
• Instrument Pipe Line and Cable Laying & Heat Tracing
• Communication System and Test Equipment
• Magnetic Compass & Gyro System
• Temperature and Pressure Calibrators/Switches
• Inert Gas System Inert Gas Generator and O2 Analyzer
• All Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical Devices and Equipments
   e.g. relief valves, safety valves, etc
• Generator And Switchboard Control
• Boiler ACC & Feedwater Control System
• Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
• Viscosity measurement and Control System
• Alarm Monitoring System